Let our team of experts make your marketing evergreen by making automated product launches.

Our custom built Event Driven Marketing System allows you to conduct repeated webinars that appear to be occurring life for your prospects. This system includes:

Event Registration Page

  • Our customized event registration page will allow your prospects to register for the next upcoming webinar in an automated fashion. Each day a new webinar date will be offered to visitors. This registration is tied directly into Infusionsoft and triggers the rest of the marketing events for this prospect.

Pre-Seminar Bonding Pages

  • These pages are used to provide prospects additional valuable content before the webinar in order to keep them excited and motivated to attend the actual event.

Event  Countdown and Login Page

  • This is the page where visitors will wait until the scheduled event time. It will contain a special countdown timer and will then allow registered users to login to attend the webinar. The login process allows you to track exactly who shows up for the webinar.

Live Event Webcast Page

  • This is the page that houses your pre-recorded webinar. It will be custom programmed so that visitors will feel like they are attending a live event. For instance, if they show up 10 minutes after the scheduled event start time, the video will automatically start at the 10 minute mark. This page will also track and notify infusion how long people stay on the webcast and can display messages or calls to action at timed intervals throughout the webcast. You’ll also be able to tell where exactly in the video, viewership may be dropping off so you can adjust your presentation accordingly.

Personalized Salesletter Page

  • At the end of your webcast you can drive all of your visitors to a completely personalized sales page or order form pre-populated with their information to finalize their purchase.

Multiple 1-click Upsell/Downsell Pages

  • Once you prospect decides to make a purchase, you can present them with additional opportunities to purchase additional or related products and services with the simple click of a button.

Thank You 

  • The final page in your order funnel thanks your new customer for their purchase and provides any additional instructions or product download information.

Post Event Final Offers

  • For prospects that don’t buy immediately after the event, we can setup a timed promotion minisite that creates huge urgency for the prospect to make a final buying decision one way or the other.