Let our team of experts handle your marketing automation & optimization for you.

Marketing Automation System Maximization

A marketing automation system such as Infusionsoft, Office, AutoPilot, Eloqua or Marketo is one of your most powerful marketing tools but since they contain so many options and ways to leverage them, you really need an expert who knows how to properly structure and configure all of the various pieces to build and effective and profitable system. Our Marketing Automation System services will include the following elements:

Initial System Setup and Configuration

By default, marketing automation tools have lots of different settings that need to be configured properly in order for them to operate correctly. I’ll make sure all of these settings have been configured to their optimal settings and nothings been missed.

Web Form Setup and Configuration

Web forms are the very heart of the system since it’s how prospects get added to your campaigns and other campaign actions are often triggered. I’ll make sure your web forms are setup properly and performing all the necessary actions required by your campaigns.

Optimize Segmenting Structure

It’s critical that you segment your customers and prospects into various lists, noting their interests and tracking their actions. I’ll help you make sure your segmenting structure and categorization is setup in a way that’s simple to understand and use and makes it easy to find the right people when marketing to them.

Order Form Setup & Configuration

Order forms are what bring in the money. Setting them and configuring them properly can certainly be a challenge due to the multitude of options. Also, most marketing automation system’s default order form formatting leaves a lot to be desired. You can’t customize the layout or text unless you re-create it on your own site. I’ll help you build custom order forms to meet any of your needs.

Email Template and Link Tracking Setup

I can format and add all of your email copy into your template library and make sure that all links are trackable and that the proper actions are being triggered when a link is clicked.

Affiliate Program Setup

A great affiliate program gives you a powerful way to grow your business thru joint ventures but in order to make sure everyone has all the resources they need to be successful and are being paid what they deserve, it’s crucial that everything be configured properly here. I’ll make sure it is.


if you’re selling any physical products, we can help you configure and integrate fulfillment functionality so all orders are handed off to your fulfillment house without you having to lift a finger.

API Programming

If you need any additional custom solutions or 3rd party integrations built, our team of veteran API programmers can develop almost anything you need as long as the API allows it.