“The Launch Manifesto”

I walk you through all the tools, triggers, techniques, and sequences I use in my launches.

Monster Profits from Tiny Lists

4 Weeks Advanced Email Marketing Training

Do ANY of these below apply to YOU?


  • You already have an email list — even if it’s less than 500 subscribers.
  • You don’t have an email list, but you have customers.
  • You’re just an affiliate marketer. Have no list & no customers. *
  • You want to do Product Launches which make Monster Profits from Tiny Email List
  • * If this is you … let’s just say, you need to signup the most! Seriously, the game has changed. Don’t be left in the cold!

Here’s Exactly What You Will Learn from my FREE Launch Strategist 30 Days Email Marketing Course

How To Build Strong Relationships?

The real money is made when a customer, becomes a repeat customer … and buys from you over and over again. Autoresponder Madness is the only email marketing course that teaches how to achieve this.

Raving Fans

Most businesses don’t have raving fans. They have one off customers.

Worse still … most affiliates don’t even have “customers”. They typically just generate one off “commissions”.

Where are the “raving fans” in this picture? Autoresponder Madness is a system on turning strangers into friends, and friends into raving repeat buyers.

Affiliate Marketing

I started off as an affiliate marketer. But the way affiliate marketing is taught today, is broken.

From the beginning I played the game very differently — and as a result, I’ve got customers that have been repeat buying from me since 2005. Launch Strategist Coaching is a system that works for affiliate marketing … big time!

Long-Term Business

I alluded to this above. Even as an affiliate marketer — I have “customers”. But not just customers … I have raving fans, that buy from me over and over again.

Rusty Moore joined my list in 2006. He barely knew how to copy & paste. HTML was a mystery to him. Today he earns WELL into the 6-figures per year.

Rusty now has a business that is a long-term asset. A business that works for him, instead of the other way around.

Merchants and Product Owners

My Launch Strategies is not just an amazing affiliate marketing system.

If you sell your own products, you’ll learn how to earn more per customer — all while doing it in a way that makes you look like a super-hero. Your customers will love you.

The Game Is Changing

If your business model is all about earning one off front-end sales … then you’re in serious trouble. Big doo-doo. Serious shit.

This approach may have worked on the past — in an online world far less competitive — but not now. If this is you, you need to step back and take a serious look at what you really have.

With a few tweaks — My Launch Strategies can plug right into what you already have.

Evergreen Marketing Machine

is not a bunch of tricks and tactics. Yes, hype and hoopla built around “loopholes” and “secrets” sell product…

But it’s not something that lasts. You’ll be buying the next “shinny-object” a week later. That’s not what I teach.

These launch strategy is evergreen. You’ll be able to leverage and apply the strategies I teach, next month, next year … in 5 years time.

It’s NOT About Selling

If you’ve read my backstory, then you’ll know that I achieve amazing results WITHOUT selling.

The LSM(Launch Strategist Members) warriors that follow my system and implement the strategies I teach — sell more stuff because they don’t “sell”. Counterintuitive, I know. :-)